Miniature OOAK Dolls



All together




~Made by "zanyzoo" on ebay~



~These little ones measure from 1 1/2 inches to about 3 inches. I purchased all of them on Ebay from some wonderful sellers~

Summer Starr Pennie

~Summer's ebay ID is "Imsummertoo." Her website is:


Squeaky Clean-blessed baby #9                                             Evan-blessed baby #12-Adopted






Chelsea Willing

~Chelsea's ebay ID is "halfpintbabies."~



Dorothy Steven

~Dorothy's ebay ID is "laurib1."~

Bonnet Baby


Baby Ivy



Cowboy Baby



Pooh Bear-on his way home from Canada-He's home now!!

Mary Anne



Mandy (she is 10 1/2" long and has a soft body)


All together


Laura Lee Wambach

~Laura's ebay ID is "wee-sweets." Her web address is: ~



Suzanne Roberson


He is only about 2" long. Look at the detail to his legs.



Tina Kewy



Theresa Deppe

Blonde baby boy


Brown hair baby girl 

Brown hair baby girl #2

Baby girl with pink hat



Once Upon a Dream (ebay)


Butterfly Babe





Blackberry-hill (ebay)


This one was made by a 7 year old girl

This is Melissa by Ebay ID "acuratl."

I don't remember who made these. Aren't they cute, though?